Specialists in rapid restoration of neglected gardens

Perth Garden Rescue

Who We Are

Perth Garden Rescue

We get a real buzz out of helping transform gardens from neglect and chaos to order and tranquility.

Expertise: We have years of experience in

  • Access clearance,
  • Rubbish removal,
  • Overgrown vegetation clearance
  • Hard landscaping
  • Soft landscaping
  • Garden repair
  • Fire mitigation
  • Community projects

Reliability and Safety

Count on us for timely and reliable services to keep your access routes clear. We prioritise safety, following strict protocols to maintain a safe environment for you and our team.

Perth garden rescue

One of our team members taking a well earned tea break preparing for fire season

About Perth Garden

With a genuine passion for rejuvenating outdoor spaces, we find immense satisfaction in turning neglected and chaotic gardens into havens of order and tranquility. About Perth Garden expertise spans several years, covering a comprehensive range of services such as access clearance, rubbish removal, overgrown vegetation clearance, hard and soft landscaping, garden repair, turf laying, fire mitigation, and community projects. When you choose us, reliability is guaranteed. We pride ourselves on delivering timely and dependable services, ensuring your access routes remain clear and accessible. Safety is our top priority, and we adhere to stringent protocols to maintain a secure environment for both you and our dedicated team. Trust us to bring your vision to life and transform your garden into a serene and well-maintained space that reflects our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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Neat, tidy, fast, & insured… Get peace of mind today and a peaceful home tomorrow.

Perth Garden Rescue have been Perth gardening experts since 2012, and we think we’ve rescued some of the worst, most neglected and overgrown gardens in Perth.

If you want to know what’s involved to clean up your garden, book your quote today!

Why Choose Us

Perth Garden Rescue

What Makes Us Different To Other Gardeners?


Our power equipment boasts the top performance quality of STIHL’s best commercial gear and our workers are there to get the job done. Our delivery systems are also constantly reviewed and improved to make sure jobs run smoothly and on time.


Our workers keep tools out of the way and tidy as they go so your enjoyment of your home doesn’t need to be put on hold. Rubbish bins are used from the moment we step on to the block and the paths are blown clean as we step off at the end.


Perth Garden Rescue carries $20,000,000 of public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Handles the BIG jobs.

Our tools, our crew, and our methods mean there’s no job too big for us to handle. No matter how tangled, messy, overgrown or garbage filled, we can return your garden to a place of beauty.

Perth Garden Rescue Experts

Perth Garden Rescue have been Perth gardening experts since 2012, and we think we’ve rescued some of the worst most neglected and overgrown gardens in Perth and turned them into amazing spaces.  We love it!

After we are done you will be enjoying your outdoor spaces, profiting from a faster home sale, feeling safer and more relaxed. Get a quote from us today.