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Water Wise Landscapes

Low Maintenance & Water Wise Gardens that use less water and utilise native plants are growing more popular as a way to keep bills down and conserve water while still having a beautiful garden.

Perth Low maintenance gardens

Low Maintenance & Water Wise Gardens

Perth Garden Rescue specializes in crafting water-wise landscapes, marrying low-maintenance beauty with an eco-friendly Australian touch. Our team designs outdoor spaces that thrive on minimal water, promoting sustainability without compromising aesthetics.

Spend less time in your garden and save water by:

  • Letting up pick the right plants for your soil type and land.
  • Xeriscaping Implantation 
  • Soil retention improvement
  • Mulching and ground cover
  • and much more

From native plants to efficient irrigation, we create gardens that reflect the essence of Australia's unique environment. Perth Garden Rescue: Where water-wise solutions meet Aussie ingenuity, ensuring your landscape not only flourishes effortlessly but also respects our precious environment.

Water Wise Landscapes

At Perth Garden Rescue, we take pride in our expertise in creating low-maintenance and water-wise gardens that seamlessly blend beauty with eco-conscious principles. Our dedicated team excels in designing outdoor spaces that not only captivate the eye but also contribute to environmental sustainability. By prioritizing water-wise landscaping, we ensure that your garden remains lush and vibrant with minimal water consumption, offering a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and ecological responsibility.

Embracing the essence of low-maintenance gardening, Perth Garden Rescue envisions landscapes that require minimal upkeep while still radiating visual charm. Our approach centers on utilizing native flora and strategic design elements to minimize water usage, resulting in gardens that stand the test of time without demanding excessive maintenance efforts. Trust us to transform your outdoor space into a haven of low-maintenance beauty, where sustainability and aesthetics coexist seamlessly.

Discover the perfect synergy of low-maintenance and water-wise gardens with Perth Garden Rescue. Let our skilled team redefine your outdoor space, creating a sustainable oasis that not only enhances the visual appeal but also aligns with eco-friendly practices. Your garden deserves to be both stunning and environmentally conscious, and we specialize in making that vision a reality.

Low Maintenance & Water Wise Gardens
Low Maintenance and Water Wise Gardens

Choose From Our Perth Garden Rescue Services

Overgrown Garden Clearing

Has your garden taken over your home and is now overwhelming you. We love clearing overgrown gardens.

Fire Break Maintenance

Fire break maintenance is so important in keeping your property safe during the fire season in Perth. 

Access clearance

Perth Garden Rescue ensures access clearance, creating safe and navigable outdoor spaces, tailored for the Australian environment. Talk to our team today about your garden.

Bushfire mitigation and compliance

Perth’s leafy suburbs offer a great lifestyle, but heightened fire risk necessitates bushfire-ready properties.

Fire Safe

Don't wait to make sure your garden is fire safe. Getting your garden fire safe is high priority in Perth with our hot summers.

Rescue my Garden

Let us help you create a space you will be proud of in your Garden. Our Perth garden rescue services will make sure you love your garden.

Storm Clean up

Storms can create a lot of mess and damage to your garden. Our team will clean up and make sure your garden is safe.

Post-rental clean-ups

Perth Garden Rescue ensures your property shines with post-rental clean-ups, leaving a pristine and inviting space.

Pre-sale garden staging

Elevate your property's appeal with Perth Garden Rescue's pre-sale garden staging for a stunning first impression.

Rubbish removal

Perth Garden Rescue:  From green waste to old mate junk, we'll clear it out. No worries, just wonders!


Perth Garden Rescue transforms your garden with precise tidy-ups, leaving a pristine, Australian-inspired outdoor haven.

Weed control

Perth Garden Rescue ensures pristine landscapes through effective weed control, maintaining a lush Australian environment.

Gardeners in Perth

Maintaining a well-kept garden demands time, and not everyone can spare hours each week. Beyond time, the expenses for equipment, fertilizers, and weed sprayers make garden upkeep impractical for many. Engaging a dependable gardener in Perth simplifies life.

3 simple steps to a garden you'll love!



Have our team mow, lop, prune & sculpt your garden to its previous manageable state.


Cover & Contain

Choose a basic ground cover from our menu. Keep it neat with your choice of off-the-shelf garden edging.


Clear & Clean

Choose from a variety of waste disposal options to fit your budget.

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Our power equipment boasts the top performance quality of STIHL’s best commercial gear and our workers are there to get the job done. Our delivery systems are also constantly reviewed and improved to make sure jobs run smoothly and on time.


Our workers keep tools out of the way and tidy as they go so your enjoyment of your home doesn’t need to be put on hold. Rubbish bins are used from the moment we step on to the block and the paths are blown clean as we step off at the end.


Perth Garden Rescue carries $20,000,000 of public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Handles the BIG jobs.

Our tools, our crew, and our methods mean there’s no job too big for us to handle. No matter how tangled, messy, overgrown or garbage filled, we can return your garden to a place of beauty.

Perth Garden Rescue Experts

Perth Garden Rescue have been Perth gardening experts since 2012, and we think we’ve rescued some of the worst most neglected and overgrown gardens in Perth and turned them into amazing spaces.  We love it!

After we are done you will be enjoying your outdoor spaces, profiting from a faster home sale, feeling safer and more relaxed. Get a quote from us today.